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Whether you’re on the hunt for more traffic, better conversion rates or just plain don't love your design

Improving your website means...

  • Being more visible in search results = more traffic

  • Improving the website you already have without tossing it out and starting from scratch

  • Giving your current clients a better experience while reducing your admin tasks

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Get Design tips, SEO guidance, Attract your audience and

show up with confidence online

Inside this live loom recorded just for you for your website... I’ll help you understand the most important tweaks to make to your website today: How to improve design, SEO, copy and menus to share your story and grow your audience NOW…

So you can quit over-analyzing, overspending, procrastinating and start creating an optimized website that attracts your audience and reflects your unique story online

What if told you

exactly how to improve

I know how alone you can feel searching Google waisting time

The more you search the more you feel confused

just learning more jargon and integrations that send you into a maze of looping knowledge.

Feel like you're waisting time and money spinning your wheels getting no where

On the hunt for more traffic, better conversion rates but feel like you're not sure how to even track results?

Becoming so frustrated you want to pull your hair out or worse yet... give up?


Over a decade of website design, development and optimization has really shined the light on what exactly yields results

I have worked with hundreds of online businesses across the globe, they all need the same elements to be successful online.

I was feeling exactly how you feel right now

Over 10 years ago I too spent countless hours trying to learn how to build and optimize my website

I quickly became so frustrated going from blog to blog reading articles and watching videos trying to learn on my own

I quickly discovered I needed someone who knew more than I did to guide me. I realized I could spend way too much time and money looping in an endless sea of code and SEO tips just to end up frustrated and with less capital than I started out with.

That's when I decided to end this crazy loop of tech jargon and create an easy way to share my hours and hours of learning with you to offer actionable steps and tech tips to optimize your website.

“If I had known it was going to be this easy I would have contacted her sooner!”

Stephanie has been an absolute gem in helping me improve my website. She always replies promptly, answers all questions and has a great understanding of what I want for my site and she executed these requests perfectly. If I had known it was going to be this easy I would have contacted her sooner! Don't bother looking anywhere else for website assistance!



Website Optimizer

is right for you if you are:

  • A coach, consultant, health practitionor, stay-at-home parent, creative… whatever your passion career .. who is wanting to step up your game online

  • A business owner who knows you could do better with reach and revenue online but doesn’t have anymore energy, drive or funds to keep learning the tricks online.

  • A website owner that feels like your website just isn’t reflecting your brand or product and is seeing a plateau online but doesn't know what to change.

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